Attention, thrill-seekers and haunted enthusiasts! Are you tired of haunted houses being infiltrated by the notorious "haunt sliders"? We present to you a chilling revelation – haunt sliding is not only extremely uncool but also shockingly dangerous!

Picture this: Actors careening towards you on knee pads, sparks flying like a malfunctioning electrical circuit. Yes, it's the dreaded haunt slide, a menace to haunted house aficionados everywhere.

Introducing "SCARE" - Sliding Can Absolutely Ruin Everything! We're taking a stand against this overdone gimmick that's been haunting our sanity. Our mission? To extinguish the sparks and squash the knee-padded uprising.

Haunt sliding isn't just overdone; it's a hazard! Imagine dodging sparks while trying to enjoy a spooky atmosphere – talk about a horror story gone wrong.

Support "SCARE" and help us bring back the spine-chilling thrill of haunted houses without the unnecessary theatrics. Together, we can put an end to this knee-sliding nightmare!


We Pledge to take a stand