Fueling Your Nightmares

Welcome to the Nightmare Forge, where the macabre meets craftsmanship in the most chilling ways imaginable. This one-of-a-kind establishment is a haven for creators of nightmares. Whether you seek spine-tingling props, bone-chilling costumes, intricately carved woodwork, or haunting audio solutions, the Nightmare Forge is your gateway to the darkest corners of the imagination. As a full-service shop dedicated to the art of horror, we bring your most fearsome dreams to life. From demonic sculptures to ghostly garments, each creation is meticulously crafted to instill terror in the hearts of those who dare to enter your haunted house. Step into the Nightmare Forge, where nightmares become reality, and every shadow tells a tale of frightful delight.

live streams

Watch us as we explore the vast world of FPS shooters, kick some butt in team matches or just have fun with some beers and easy-going games. 

JESPER VS. reapers

Jesper meet their arch nemesis: the Reapers team. The last time after an intense fight, Jesper managed to win, but will their rivals get revenge this time?

September 6th

monday fun

The team plays games with their fans and random people on internet. No rules, no judgement - well, kind of. Come and have some fun.

august 31st